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databases Environmental expenditures EU

databases, xls, english, april 2016

Environmental expenditures EU_final report

final report, pdf, english, november 2015

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Costs and Benefits associated with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, with a special focus on agriculture

final report, pdf, english, 2007

Differential VAT rates to promote changes in Consumption and Innovation

final report, pdf, english, 2008

Economic Value of Environmental Degradation in Serbia

final report, pdf, english, 2004

Economic value of natural and environmental resources

training course document, pdf, english, 2006

Ex-post estimates of costs to business of EU environmental legislation

final report, pdf, english, 2006

- Case study Road transport

case study report, pdf, english, 2006

Financing Climate Policy and the Financial Crisis

article, html, dutch, 2009

Global Footprint Model for Companies

model version 2009, xls, dutch, 2009

- Global Footprint Brighthouse 2001

final report, pdf, dutch, 2003

- Explanation of the Global Footprint Model

version 2003, pdf, dutch, 2003

- Manual for the Global Footprint Model

version 2003, pdf, dutch, 2003

Green Tax Paradise: achieving Environmental Goals with Taxes?

artikel, pdf, nederlands, 1999

Individual CO2-rights can reduce poverty!

article, html, english, 2002

Sectoral Costs of Environmental Policy

final report, pdf, english, 2007

Should we become 'Environmental Capitalists'?

article, html, english, 2000

Sustainable Banking: profits from sustainable activities

final report, pdf, dutch, 2003

Sustainable Business and long term equity investments

article, pdf, dutch, 2003

Sustainable Growth in the Netherlands

article, pdf, dutch, 2002

Water Pricing Policy in the 21st Century

final report, pdf, dutch, 2008


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